Laid Back Larry

01/01/1965 Chicago, ILL

"I don't know if you can catch my vibe, but I'm a pretty laid back guy."

My Last Soundtrack

One Laid Back Playlist

  • White Horse Laid Back
  • Easy Commodores
  • I Frank Sinatra
  • Moon River (From "Breakfast at Tiffany Andy Williams
  • I Leonard Cohen

It's Been Chill

I was born in Chicago, but once I had the chance to leave, I never went back. Never could see the point of the so-called "American Dream" - the settled down family, the heavy mortgage, the corporate gig. I took to playing music in my early days and it barely paid the bills. Then I learned to write, and it paid them much better. It's a skill I could take with me wherever I went, and I never stayed any place long. My daughter is the light of my life. Even though I don't see her much and was never the best father, she loves me like no one ever has. A grandchild is on the way, and this pleases me more than I could have ever imagined. Got me a tiny house and plan to hook it up to my truck soon and find the next place to stay. It's been a good life, and I just hope that whatever patches of Earth I've touched wind up being a little better than I found them.

A Chill Life in Photos

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Nine Eleven

of all days to be in New York...

I don't often get to the Big Apple. You might think it was a serious stroke of misfortune that I happened to be there on September 11, 2001. And at the time, I would have readily agreed with you. But I don't think of it that way. It was a day that changed my life forever, and only in the best possible sense.

Sue Testing

Laid Back Larry

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