1. What is My Last Soundtrack?

Driven by the power of music, My Last Soundtrack (MLS) is an easy-to- use (and way cool) tool for you to develop a permanent online legacy for yourself or for someone you love, and to do so in as little as an hour.

2. Why create a digital legacy?

Well, if you’ve ever been on a computer in your life, you already have a digital legacy. MLS lets you take charge of it by telling the world and everyone living in it – today and tomorrow – what matters most to you. Or what mattered most to someone you love.

3. What does it cost?

$77 is a one-time lifetime fee. There are no subscriptions or renewal fees. After all, how would you be able to pay them when you’re dead?

4. What are the privacy settings for My Last Soundtrack?

When you publish your Last Soundtrack, you can choose to make it public and found by anyone searching on Google, or private, to be shared via a unique URL only with those whom you choose.

5. Is this site for me?

Only if you or someone you love is going to die. Or has already died.

6. Will you be adding new features to the site?

All the time! In fact, if you’ll click on the survey in the bottom left corner of your page while you’re creating your site, you can tell us some of the things you’d like to see added. We want to be responsive to our users and will take all suggestions to heart. You never know – you just might come up with the next brilliant feature we add!

7. How long will my legacy site be active?

Your legacy site will live on forever – or as long as there’s such a thing as the internet. In fact, if the internet is ever replaced by something we can’t foresee at this moment in time, we’ll adapt and bring your page along. Like we said, you don’t need to renew your account or worry about keeping your legacy – or the legacy of someone you love – alive. We’ll take care of that.

8. Can I remove a legacy site I created?

Sure. Once your legacy site is published it can unpublished, edited, or deleted completely.

9. How can I share My Last Soundtrack with friends and family?

Once you’ve published your page, you can easily share your soundtrack’s unique URL link with friends and family by clicking one of the social media or email share buttons on the side of the page.

10. I have not received my activation email, what should I do?

Please send a note to support@mylastsoundtrack.com and include “activation” and your user name in the subject field.

11. I don’t know where to start! What should I be putting in My Last Soundtrack?

We understand that trying to figure out what to include in a legacy page can be difficult. My Last Soundtrack wants to help you capture the good stuff that matters, simply! This Build-It Guide should help you identify the songs and memories that matter most, upload content, and spark ideas to create a meaningful Last Soundtrack.

MLS Build-it! Guide

The Intro

This part is pretty simple – upload a profile photo and cover photo (much like Facebook), tell us your name, where and when you were born, and if you have one, include a brief life’s motto.

The Playlist

If you love music like we love music, there may be just too many options in the universe of tunes! Here are some questions to help you sort through and choose the songs that best tell the story of you, or of someone you love.

  • What song was number one the day you were born? (If you don’t know, check it out here!)

  • What’s the first song you remember as a child? And why do you remember it?

  • What was your favorite song as a child? What made it a favorite for you?

  • What songs make you most nostalgic for your teenage years?

  • Which one was your “youthful anthem?” Why?

  • How about during your college years?

  • Do you remember your first kiss? Was there a song playing in the background?

  • What was the first concert you attended? What song did you most want to hear?

  • Do you and your spouse have your own song? What’s the meaning behind it?

  • What’s are some of your most joyful, exuberant experiences? Do you have a favorite feel-good song that reminds you of them?

  • What songs helped you cope with sadness, and pick you up?

  • What’s your favorite song to blast in the car with the windows down?

  • What songs make you think of your children? Your siblings?

  • Do you and a best friend share a favorite song?

  • What songs make you remember your parents? Grandparents?

  • What songs do you love just because you love them?

  • Who is your favorite musical artist?

  • What are your favorite songs by that artist?

  • What song perfectly sums up your philosophy of life?

  • If they were to play only one song at your celebration of life, what would you want it to be?

A Life Story

This section is all about the history of you or your loved one. Anything goes here, but think of it like an obituary – only cooler. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? What was your major? Who did you marry – and when? Jobs? Kids? Causes? Hobbies? You can write just the facts, or jazz things up here. It’s up to you.

The Slideshow

We bet you have hundreds if not thousands of photos to choose from. How do you do it? Well, which ones tell your story best? The kinds of photos you might want to put in your slideshow could include:

  • Baby photos of you

  • Photos of your parents when they were young

  • Siblings and cousins

  • Neighborhood friends

  • School photos

  • Memorable parties

  • High school or college graduation photos

  • Vacation photos

  • Wedding photos

  • Photos of your own children through the years

  • Photos of you enjoying your favorite activities

  • Work photos

  • Photos you’ve taken that you’re especially proud of

It’s best to keep captions short, sweet, and thought-provoking. You can choose how long the photo remains on the screen, how to fade it in and out, and you can upload your own song to accompany it – as long, of course, as you have the rights to use that song.

Confused about how to get a print photo onto the computer? We were too! Check out this nifty app to easily transfer and scan print photos to online.

A Place to Share

This is where you can really let your imagination run wild. Use this section to tell stories, share memories, print family recipes, give advice, pass on your values – even plan the details of your funeral.

If you have a hard time getting started, here are a few suggestions:

  • Best family vacation?

  • Hilarious moment from your wedding?

  • The day your first child was born?

  • Advice you want to leave behind?

  • A selection of you or your loved one’s favorite quotes?

  • Silly moments with your grandchildren?

  • The story of running your first marathon or playing in the big game?

  • Hobbies enjoyed throughout childhood or later in life?

  • What values are the most important to you?

  • Random acts of kindness you’ve done or others have done to you

  • Trips big and little, near and far

  • Tell the world what really matters in your life

  • Family traditions and holiday rituals

  • Share a list of favorites? Food, recipes, movies, colors, cities, books, sports teams, holidays, cars, animals, seasons, quotes, poems, etc.

  • Offer some advice to your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, or those cousins who couldn’t make it to the funeral, but wanted to look up their favorite Aunt/Uncle.