Founded in 2015, My Last Soundtrack began as a simple app where people could craft and share a soundtrack for their last party (more often and darkly referred to as "your funeral") on planet earth. MLS has since evolved into a platform to generate an E-legacy - for yourself or a loved one - which you can craft and share in as little as an hour.

Why does MLS matter? It is not always possible to travel hundreds of miles to view a gray granite stone. And once you get there, does the visitor really know how that person wanted to be remembered? With an MLS legacy, your friends, kids, grandkids, and anyone else who you care can be just a few clicks away from you, your life, and the way you want to be remembered.

Our two founders were originally worried only about that grieving relative playing the wrong music at your last party. Our current team – now including the leadership of our CEO, our Vice-Presidents of Outreach and Partnerships, and an Innovation Officer – has spent countless hours speaking with and learning from people who were actually dealing with their imminent departure and those who have lost loved ones. We discovered that they wanted more than just the music that captured their lives. They wanted pictures, perhaps their favorite stories, lists of things that they loved, maybe even video. And of course, their music.

We are committed to the idea of living well, dying better, and being remembered the right way.